A little peek inside the Catalan culture

Catalonia is a fascinating country with a very interesting and varied culture, a very entertaining legend treasure and a large number of curious but charming traditions.
How do you get the idea of kissing a lion figure’s stony butt? Why do you beat a trunk with a stick and sing funny songs until it shits out chocolate? Where does the tradition of gegants and capgrossos come from? Or what is the secret behind the abbreviations „Pde5“ or „4de7a“, which one conspiratorially admires at an event of the castellers?
This little book answers all these questions and also explains how to eat a calçot, why the egg dances to Corpus Christi in Catalonia and the connection between the origins of the Pyrenees and the Greek demigod Hercules.
And many more.


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A little peek inside the Catalan culture

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